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my name is caroline. all i want in life is to meet bill murray, buy a plymouth barracuda, and maybe intern for a tattoo shop. i've existed for 20 years, and not yet acquired the motivation to make any of these things happen.

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"men do not naturally not love. they learn not to."

- felix turner, the normal heart

Jaime likes pie now.

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i totally respect that chick from duke who does porn. why the hell shouldn’t she? why should anyone be ashamed of their sexuality? sex is so great. nobody can deny that. and if sex is not great for you, then that’s because you’re doing it wrong. and to be able to get paid to have sex? holy crap! in what universe would that not be great? i can’t even fathom why porn could still be controversial in this day and age. i mean, gay people have parades to celebrate the fact that they’re gay and like to suck dick and have butt sex and do whatever it is that lesbians do. and i just think that’s great. i do. so why is porn still taboo? why can’t we have porn parades? this is america. we invented the corn dog. and if nothing else, porn is extremely lucrative! everyone watches it! literally every single person watches porn, whether you’re a curious adolescent or a 45-year-old shut-in. and if you’re not watching porn, that’s because you’re lucky enough to be getting some. but either way, it’s human nature. people need to get with it. humans have made it to the top of the food chain, so that means we get to have sex for fun, not just for procreating. that’s just the way it is. this is america. it’s the land of the free. free to film yourself getting tied up and sodomized. and it’s the home of the brave. brave enough to post it on the internet for the entire world to see.

the thing about living by myself is i can’t read lovecraft in the dark alone. i assume every thump and creak i hear is ghatanothoa. and that a fish-frog-man hybrid is lurking in the corner of my room waiting to grab me and bring me to innsmouth and sacrifice me to the deep ones.

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i finally had some time yesterday to kick back and watch the sixth season of sons of anarchy (which is a show that i love but have been missing most of because i’m stupid and got my own apartment but can’t afford cable or internet or food.) and then i got to episode 11. and then i watched in horror as they killed off my beloved ron perlman. and so now there is no reason for me to ever watch sons of anarchy EVER AGAIN YOU FUCKERS I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU WITH THE FORCE OF A THOUSAND SUNS. WHY? WHY? NO BUT WHY? I DON’T. I CAN’T. I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN. they force you to love. and you wind up with nothing but a broken heart. and there is so much hurt in this game of developing even a modicum of care for fictional and/or pixelated characters.


an important graph for everyone to see thank u


an important graph for everyone to see thank u

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